2015 Seedling Sale

Planning your garden?  Don't forget MCF sells seedlings we grow from seeds right here in Medway.  We choose varieties that do well in our climate and select for taste and eating quality. 

Early Sale:
May 9th @ Medway Library 10am-2pm

Main Event:
May 16th & 17th @ Medway Community Farm 10am-4pm

News and blog

Week 2

Posted by Kevin Overshiner :: Monday, May 4 :: 7:51pm

Here it is week two and I almost miss a share e-mail. Geez. Brit just made some excellent sushi for dinner with braised mustard greens and baby radishes inside and on the side. Needless to say it was delicious, as many of her extra terrestrial creations are prone to be. Becca and I finished working at the adams st field, where we spread compost for our potatoes and brock. Becca was up to the dance, we use two tractors in tandem as the first tractor scoops soil into the spreader while we roll it out over the field using the second, meanwhile, the first tractor is now chiseling the field following the spread. Sound confusing? We are happy to have this new field, it is different than the soils we have been working at Winthrop and Lovering St. I like noticing the way the soils all react to us differently in how long we've been able to care for them and how we've done in taking care. Winthrop is the eldest, with well worked soils in period of recovery and still producing mightily, Lovering (aka Chicken Brook Farm) is our second field in it's third season and I am looking forward to the compost we were able to give the onions and carrots. Planting onions was an excellent project, we managed to get more than we planned to in and I snuck in an extra 100 feet of fresh Ailsa Onions for my wife, because it's her favorite. Thanks to the coolbot we're in good shape with our root cellar for keeping them fresh. And the newest to us is Adams, plowed and put in cover for 2014 and getting it's first cash crop in 2015 with Broccoli and Potatoes, though I am certain I will have to monitor the suspicious holes in the hill near the road for activity I am looking forward to the experiment with our new spot. We spread compost for the potatoes there because it looked hungry for it. When a field asks to be fed you are certainly punished for not complying. This I have learned from Brittany, if it looks like it needs it, you better fork it over, so we did. Spreading compost is a good task to learn the fields a bit. We need to treat the work differently as a result of it's minor hills and undulations so close to the road, every field has it's own rhythm. I was happy to get it done today because now Brit can lead harvest tomorrow while I get the beds prepped for planting on Tuesday and Wednesday, and doubly glad because the new potato varieties are looking to be a real adventure. That, and we get to fire up the Cub for the first time this season...

Anyway, that's enough for now. It's time to go get Morgan at the train, we're thrilled to have him back for a third season. We feel spoiled having such good friends to farm with.

What's in the share?

Baby Radish - so fresh, so pretty, really super good.
Scallions - we roasted whole bunches on the grill before last weekend's Revolution game with our friend's Chris and Christy, and their hilarious son Graham. Little bit of olive oil and throw them on (with their heads chopped off, we wouldn't want to eat scallion hair would we?)
Spinach - Overwintered from last November, excellent slightly wilted on a pan as a pizza or egg on bagel topping.
Kale - Red Russian, spring kale, goodness to betsy I'm excited, I haven't even sampled it yet, talk about foolish self control.
Bok Choy - Wilted with the baby radish tops they would be a dynamite side to sushi rice, which is outstandingly easy to cook.
Arugula - Fancy Stuff, teeny tiny outrageously tasty morsels, just eat the whole bag while you cross off your name for the pickup.
Mini Head Lettuce - Late Spring means for gourmet greens, I'm serious about this. When normally we'd have medium to mature head lettuce, we have mini gourmet heads that stand out in your salad.

I love the change of seasons.

Try this "recipe" http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/grilled-scallions-with-lemon-108401

Thanks for reading. Pardon the spelling mistakes, no time! Got to go fetch Morgan still.

Spring Break Volunteering!

Posted by Brittany Overshiner :: Thursday, April 16 :: 12:14pm

Hello Farm Supporters!

We're so happy it's finally behaving like spring outside, and we've got a lot of catching up to do with this late start to spring planting.  We need some help making improvements to our Education and Community Garden Plot areas and are looking for volunteers to help!

Kids Under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Click Here to Sign Up!

or email: bsidway@medwaycommunityfarm.org

Dates and Times:

Tuesday, 4/21, 2:00-6:00pm

Wednesday, 4/22, 2:00-6:00pm

We're excited to complete this phase of our Seeds of Change Grant and be ready for a great growing season!  We hope to see you on the farm.


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