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What's Your Story?

Posted 2/28/2010 9:01pm by Heather Scott.

What’s your connection to the land, food, farming, nature? Is there an experience that triggered your connection? The Farm would love to hear your Story and post it on our website! - Heather

My Story -
Donna McConnell Scott

I developed my love for gardening from my mother who could grow anything without really trying. I remember her putting in her first garden in our home in Mansfield where she toiled single handedly planting her small plot of land and the results were amazing. Her love of gardening as well as her ability to grow indoor plants inspired me as a young adult to try the same. She instilled in me a love of the land and what it could produce and the loving nature in which she cared for her plants reminded of the love she cared for her family.

Over the years I have planted a garden of some sort every spring and have loving tended it as taught by my mother. Even though I no longer live in New England, but in a high desert climate, I will still cultivate some sort of garden throughout my life. It is a life giving force that soothes and comforts ones inner soul and being. I think often of my mother when I garden and know that because of her the love of gardening has also been passed on to my son and daughter.

I admire my dauther-in-law, Heather Scott who has begun this amazing journey to start a community farm and brought her dream to frution. She is now passing that on to her daughter, Brooke.

My Story -
Heather Scott
Medway, MA

I didn’t grow up on a farm but I did have acres of back woods to explore in as a child. I still remember that one winter day my parents bundled themselves up in matching ski parkers and then bundled up my sister and I in ski coats and thick ski pants, hats, scarves, hand-made wool mittens and boots. 

It had stopped snowing and we were ready to take a walk in the woods. Our mission? To look for animal footprints in the freshly, fallen snow. The hunt for the footprints was an adventure. It was exciting to realize a forested world of trees, birds and animals existed outside during the snow storm while we were inside our house keeping warm.

My dad led the walk and my mom took up the rear. We made sure we respected the footprint trails as we stomped through the snow that was quite deep for a six year-old and four year-old to traverse.

We saw mouse foot prints and rabbit footprints and even opposuum foot prints.  We followed a footprint trail that went on and on and I remember thinking how I never wanted this day to end. Being with my family in the woods on a snowy day was well, magical. I can still remember the colors of the woods, the white snowy forest floor, the gray and brown tree trunks, the color green from the fir trees boughs and the color of red berries from bushes poking through the snow.

A connection to the land and nature was born.

Two days ago, I took my daughter who is four years-old for a walk in the winter woods.  We didn’t see any footprints from animals but we did find a trickling brook with a log strategically placed so we could cross to the other side.  Her trip across the log bridge was thrilling! Instead of crossing the log to head on home she pretended she forgot something so we had to cross back over.  We stayed in woods for quite some time, crossing the log back and forth and back and forth.  I could tell she did not want to leave. This was her place in the woods. She taught me how to throw snow into the brook and together we watched it melt.  The next morning when she woke up  the first thing she said was, “Remember the bridge in the woods, Mama?” “Can we go back?”.

Perhaps this was her first connection to the land and nature.  I would love to hear what her Story is one day when she is old enough to reflect. 

What’s your Story?

Endnote:  Throughout my life additional connections to the land continued to build: a hiking trip as teen, teaching environmental education as a college student, returning to the mountains with my husband as an AMC Hut volunteer, my time working for conservation organizations and most recently my time spent at Natick Community Organic Farm where I learned a farm is great place for a community to connect to it all: the land, food, farming and nature. What a combination!




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