To maintain a Place that enhances Medway’s rural character, fosters community spirit and encourages “learning from the land” by providing locally grown food, volunteer experiences, educational programming, and public events.

Who is the Medway Community Farm (MCF)?

  • The farm is an active producer of fresh, organically-grown food for Medway and the surrounding area
  • The farm is a non-profit organization, representative of and supported by the community it serves and committed to giving back
  • The farm is a dedicated provider of high-quality hands-on educational programs to both children and adults

What are the shared values of MCF as an organization?

  • The farm is committed to promoting consciousness of our food system
  • The farm seeks to provide a variety of opportunities for individuals to engage with the production of food they eat
  • The farm is dedicated to environmental stewardship and sustainable agriculture
  • The farm respects and values diversity of opinions, perspectives, and backgrounds
  • The farm strives to always communicate fairly and openly with our community

Our History

Medway Community Farm, Inc. (MCFI) is a registered 501(c)3 charity. MCF leases 7 acres and the dwellings at 50 Winthrop Street from the Town of Medway since 2009. MCFI does not receive financial support from the Town. Our Board of Directors and Staff oversee Farm Operations, Education Programming, Community outreach, and Fundraising Efforts.

Medway Community Farm began as a grassroots effort and continues to be successful with the support of volunteers, sponsors, customers, and donors.

The “initiative” to bring a community farm to Medway started in December 2007. In March 2008, the initiative gained 60 supporters and by November 2008 gained support at Town Meeting, where the Town voted to change the “use” at 50 Winthrop Street (a parcel of land bought with Community Preservation Funds) from “open space” to “open space with an agriculture and educational use”. This was followed by an RFP process.

Today Medway Community Farm has thousands of supporters who participate in our CSA, farm stand, farmers markets, education programs, volunteer opportunities, and community events.

Thank you to all who have contributed to the farm’s success and those who carry the mission into Medway’s future