Seth Terramane (Farm Manager)

Seth brings wide-ranging growing experience including two years of victory garden development and four-plus years of commercial farm production. He is rigorous and motivated in project and people coordination and management, and accomplished in engaging people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. We appreciate his organized and detail-minded skills and inspiration to grow and nurture our farm community. Introduce yourself to him when you see him around the farm!

Alison Dempsey (Education Coordinator)

Alison is committed to community enrichment and quality education programs. Her approach to education involves hands-on experiences, workshops, and seminars including cooking, crafting, and farm practices and techniques. Alison’s experience working with children, organic farms, and farming practices, along with community outreach programs allows her to bring her twin passions for education and agriculture to the Medway Community Farm team. Her goal is to provide access to the benefits of community-based agricultural programs to all ages.

She will be working closely with the Medway Public Schools to continue and enhance the established Farm-School partnership of which we are so very proud at the farm. She will also lead the way expanding our Medway Community Education managed classes as well as our farm-based summer programs.

Alison and her husband live in Medway with their four children, where they love gardening and caring for their flock of laying hens, and many pets.

Look for updates, postings, and coming events on the farm.

Don Franzen (President)

When my wife and I moved into our Medway home in 2015, one of the first things we looked for was a local farm where we could get quality fruits and vegetables and support our local community. We were very excited to find Medway Community Farm and even drove by the farm to see the operation before we signed up for the CSA share.

It quickly became apparent to us how fortunate we are to have the Medway Community Farm in our town, and we make it a point to assist with projects and events around the farm whenever possible. The more involvement we have with the farm, the more I feel drawn towards making a significant contribution to the operations of the farm and ensuring the success of this great community resource.

Melissa Kelley (Clerk)

I’m serving as a Board Member of Medway Community Farm because I like to support the critical work and the mission of the Farm. I believe that food, particularly when we share in its production and preparation, is an important means by which to bring communities together. I also believe that spaces like those created by Medway Community Farm open the door to conversation and reflection on issues of food security, which generates thinking about broader social justice issues that are relevant to our community. These spaces also provide communities vital opportunities to foster a respect for the land that is often lacking.

Glenn Trindade (Board Member)

Glenn brings extensive community activism and energy to many organizations in Medway and we are especially glad to have his experience and knowledge, as well as his enthusiasm for healthy, local food. He acts as a Town Liaison for MCF in areas relating to our connection to the Town (MCF leases town property), and a dynamic connector to our larger community of supporters, sponsors, and funding resources.