Farm Bucks Cards



One of the most prevalent reasons that keep people from being a part of our CSA and thus our farm is that we give too much food! And, you’re right, we love to give our CSA members loads of yummy veggies to take home each week. But sometimes people simply cannot eat the amount of veggies in a CSA share.  If you live with just your cats, or have kids gallivanting across the globe, or just don’t eat that much veg, our Farm Bucks Card is what you need!

Our Farm Bucks Cards are prepaid cards that are easy to use and can be reloaded whenever you need.  For each $100 that you put on the card, you get a 10% more added to the card. Add $100 get $110. Add $500 get $550. Easy peasy. And while we would prefer that you spend the card down during a single season, don’t worry if you don’t, your money will remain on the card until you want to spend it. And even if you don’t put $100 on the card, there’s no amount too small, making it a great gift for anyone – your teachers at the end of the school year or your mom for Mother’s Day!

You don’t need to worry about carrying cash at  one of our locations! The cards can be used in our Farm Store or the farmers markets where we participate. The Farm Store is stocked with veggies from June until it gets too cold.  We have seasonal vegetables, eggs, meat, coffee, and a whole lot more for sale in the store and you’re welcome to buy anything you’d like.  Caveat: The only thing that our cards cannot be used for are plants during our annual Plant Sale.

If you happen to be at Choate Park in Medway, and need to get your weekend veg shopping done or want some blueberries for the ride or a flower bouquet to brighten your home, stop by and use your card.

We can easily look up your card at any location.

Please follow the prompts below to purchase a card and thank you for your support.