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We offer 3 seasonal Veggie Shares: Spring, Summer, and Winter. And if you buy a Combo Share with either a large or small summer share, you’ll get a discount for eating veggies with for the whole season!

The Spring Share option runs for six weeks starting the first week in May and ends the first week in June. This is a great opportunity to start out the year with sustainably grown and delicious vegetables. If you’re new to CSAs this also allows you the opportunity to test one out and hopefully, you’ll enjoy the food and farm so much that you’ll sign up for everything else as well!

The Summer Shares option runs for 20 or 10 weeks, and is great for families and people who eat a lot of veggies. Our large share is the biggest share we offer, and members will pick up a full share every week for twenty weeks. It starts in June and runs through October. This option is also wonderful for those who like to freeze, can, and preserving or storing veggies. Our small share is half the amount of veggies of the large share and it perfect for fewer people or those who don’t eat a ton of veggies. Packed with a good sampling of the bounty, you can pick up this share either weekly or bi-weekly to suit your needs.

The Winter Share allows participants to eat their fill of wonderful fall and cold weather veggies. Great for supplementing holiday feasts, this option starts in October or November and runs through the end of the year. All sharers will pick up their veggies every other week – 5 distributions over the course of 10 weeks.

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